Beautiful people and on this beachy sunny Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

I LOVE LOVE LOVE mornings! Dude you kind of have the world to yourself. You get to enjoy everything in relative peace and quiet, at least where I live… LOL! Today I woke up feeling amaaaaaazing! My folks had people over last night for the local fireworks and it was the usual crew of neighborhood friends and family. It was just a really wonderful easy breezy lemon squeezey kind of night. I spent the night at my parents house and actually slept in bed with my momma because her bed is so comfortable and even as I grow older I still love to cuddle with her. Ti amo Momma Gina! 🇭🇺

I awoke this morning and headed down to the lake while listening to my favorite Xavier Rudd singing/playing

Of course before I headed to the lake I grabbed a cuppa (<—voice text ha!) coffee because somethings are just essential. ☕️. So I pulled into our local 🏖 beach, grabbed my yoga mat and my purse with my brand new smart phone. It’s not really a phone because I just use it as a computer. I cannot text or make calls from it! I still have my trusty old flip phone and I love it….still.! So I moseyed out onto some rocks, laid out my yoga mat, pointed my body towards the sun and had a solid healthy dose of at least 20 to 30 minutes of awesome meditation and it was on believable. As I thanked the universe for it’s kindness and the love that surrounds everyone I opened my eyes gently to the sun glistening upon the water. I got out my camera a.k.a. new smart phone and I took a ton of pictures.

Pictures of birds, pictures of people, pictures of the water as it was all just lovely.

In the spirit of this Fourth of July holiday I’m going to share some pictures of this beautiful little community in this wonderful amazing country! I hope you all have an amazing, safe, kind, beautiful and Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸🌎✌🏻


“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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