The Ebb and Flow of Life: Let Them Go (the soul suckers) and Let it Flow (the positive energy).


It’s spring and the flowers and trees are blooming with renewed life and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air!  The sun, holy cow the sun is back baby!!  This is a great time for a little self realization.   Here’s mine… (please read this with sincerity, humor and a learning curve.)

Lately (as in the past few years)  I’ve been periodically stuck in others negative energy and have intermittently lost my focus.  It isn’t their fault, it’s mine.  I’m not talking about just one person.  I’m talking about a few people who have been in my life for a little while now.  This solid meditation practice that I have can sometimes disappear when I need it most, into thin air just like a ghost!  (#iloverhyming 😆)

What happens when you get caught up in others negative energy and why does it happen?  Well first let’s talk about why.

Dudes, I am a helper.  I want to help you cross the street, open a jar of pickles for you, get you through a life crisis, tell you your fly is down, listen to your problems, meditate with you, tuck your shirt tag in, make you smile on a particularly crappy day, hug you, do your dishes, hangout with you when I just want to go to bed, get you through the moment with fresh brewed coffee and LOTS of nature.  I will listen to you until I’m blue in the face.  And sometimes I become romantically involved because I fall for the tragedy aaaand I feel needed by you. (<–I know what my issues are…lol)

But guess what?!?!?!  I’m not a therapist.  I know right?.. You totally thought I was😆.  I don’t have a license, a certificate nor anything of the sort.   When I finally do wake up and realize that the line between being a good friend and getting involved too deeply (a.k.a. therapist/and or lover) has been crossed, well it’s too late.  I’m already all in.  When in reality I’m not in at all.  I’m on the sidelines of their life and I’m only called into the game when the score is so darn low and they just need a body because the star player is exhausted from trying too hard to prove to everyone they are awesome but they aren’t that awesome because they are clearly losing the game.  (Obvious tidbit: Star player being themselves, the soul sucker.)

So why are these types of people attracted to me?  Well I have been told it is because I’m optimistic, carefree, fun loving, kind, strong and independent.  (also I like to be needed [bad I know])  There is something they see in me that they are missing in their own life and they will suck you dry until they can get their hands on just a piece of your whimsical free lovin’ soul.  They will prey upon your “helper” personality because it temporarily relieves them of their own internal hellish crisis.

Here’s what’s obvious but I feel needs to be said.  You can’t bring anyone happiness if they aren’t happy with themselves or aren’t willing to receive it.  

Total “duh” moment I know…🙄


spring renewal
“If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn.” ~Bernie Siegel, M.D.

This is where the soul suckers come in.  But first the definition (this is my own made up definition so don’t go all “legal” on of a Soul Sucker: one who depletes you of your positive energy so they may live in happiness for the moment before returning to lives they are not happy with and the negative energy that surrounds them.  Soul suckers are either too proud or too stuck or both, to want to change themselves for the better.  They see no way out of the situation and therefore they cling onto others.   Helpers are the “pill” they pop to get them through the day.
Now I’m not saying these people are total and complete turds.  Some have been through very very very rough times.  However that does not give anyone the “I have free pass to act like this because my past is so tragic” card.  Everyone has a past and a lot have one that was not fair but that does not excuse horrible or bad behavior over an extended period of time.  Soul suckers don’t want to be soul suckers.  These are people that are so stuck in their own junk that they don’t feel as if there is a way out and they morph into soul suckers.

I’m not telling anyone how to overcome fear, grief, loss, loneliness, abandonment or depression.  I have just finally realized that don’t have the tools nor the education to help beyond a listening ear for a short period of time.  When someone keeps telling you the same story or the same “oh woe is me” tale, it’s time to go.  (The only thing I want on repeat is my favorite song while attempting to lift weights. 😜)  No one should deplete your positive vibes.

Keep those positive vibes rollin’!

  Go ahead people, share those positive vibes but know when to move on or else your positive will turn to negative and it can take some time before your higher energy frequency returns.  And don’t worry about that person after you choose to cut those ties.   Wish them love, peace and clarity and release them.  They will either find peace or find another person with a high positive energy level to prey upon because they aren’t yet ready (consciously or subconsciously) to seek the true help they so really do need.  (we all need help, some just more than others.)

Obvious tidbit:  I am not perfect.  I have my own issues to deal with.  I have total crappy moments that can last several days!  Think of mid-winter, no sun (and you’ve forgotten there ever was one), period, no date nor prospect of one on the horizon and/or the need to eat so I may hibernate all winter like a bear.  Yes, bad moments can last. I myself went through a super very very very crappy time forever ago and it affected my life in many ways.  It was horrible and it took a loooong time to come to terms with, but I never intentionally hurt anyone.

What I’m saying here is that you have to keep yourself in the forefront at all times.  Being around that negative energy can make you do things you never thought you would.  This is why I say they suck you dry because it’s then, when you have nothing left, that you surrender to their lip service.   You believe what they say.  You enter their world of perpetual sadness and selfishness.  When you do reach your breaking point you are so ready to let go and you see the light and run towards it full speed ahead.  But don’t think you’ll get there scott free.  There are still feelings of “what if”,  abandonment, loneliness, shame and just feeling bummed.  Don’t fear my peeps.  If you are a naturally happy loving person you’ll sooner rather than later realize that you feel better when they aren’t in your sphere.  You’ll want to surround yourself with positive people and those positive people will only lift your spirits higher.   Which brings me to this:  If someone doesn’t voluntarily celebrate you and your accomplishments and dreams, then see ya later alligator.  If you have to convince someone to spend time with you, then ciao dude I gotta go.  If someone can’t make the effort to be there for/with you if they are sure they won’t be getting anything in return then take that red flag and haul butt as far away from them as possible.

You have to know when to hold em’know  when to fold em’, know when to walk away and know when to run…thank you Kenny Rogers!!!!!

These are hard lessons people!  The heart is complex strong willed organ and sometimes your head has to step in and say,  “Look stupid, Brain here, I can’t take much more of this and the rest of us, muscles, bones and nerves need a break!”

Does this mean that you give up on those soul sucking people?  NO WAY DUDE!   You keep them in your meditations and prayers but only wishing them mental clarity, love and peace.  No dwelling on what was or what could have been if only things were different.  MOVE ON.  By keeping the negative energy around you, you block the positive from coming in.  Like the old saying, “misery loves company.”

One day you will be able to be friends with these people.  You’ll be able to put the past aside and embrace them.  For right now though they are not contributing to your life in a positive way.  It’s like being at a bakery, everything tastes so good until it makes you sick.

I choose to divert my path towards positive energy.  Maybe one day they will rejoin you on your path, your positive path.

Until then keep your mind free of negative clutter, embrace positive people, love like a wild person, point your face towards the sun and let it flow flow flow.  Recreate yourself, renew yourself, put yourself first, make amends where needed and move forward.

Love, peace and everything in between,


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadworth Longfellow (clearly this dude practiced meditation!)


Happy and Goofy, kids and uptight adults are watching you! 😁 😂

Never one to shy away from being goofy 😆.  (Hard to believe this gorgeous pic only received 8 likes 😂)  This is a picture my niece Kelly took of me while we were sitting at a little Italian cafe called Presti’s in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood.  After desserts we were feeling weird and goofy, probably due to being hopped up on sugar, so we took pics of each being ridiculooouus!  (Kelly’s pic will not be made public due to my sisters request which I totally respect!). 

Anyways I wish more people would be goofy!  My sister Lisa isn’t afraid to be!  She has a snap chat that is hilarious 🤓 

What if we took ourselves less serious and laughed more, goofed off more, smiled more and told more clean hilarious jokes?!   (I’m so over vulgar jokes). 

So right now I’m laying in bed at midnight and wide awake.  Hence writing this post on my iPhone.  

The best times I have are with my nutty 9 nieces and nephews because it is an all out free ticket to act like a big goofy kid.  When kids see you happy then they are happy.  They feed off the emotions around them.  When they see love, they emit love.  Science has proved this time and again.  By science I mean… Well science I guess. 

But let’s get back to adults.  I was in the bookstore the other day with a good friend of mine and we had the same blah adult conversation.  Nothing funny was said and nothing funny happened.  We used to goof around a lot.  I know she is a parent and that’s a big responsibility, I’m trying to get a small business off the ground and that’s a big responsibility but geeeeez, it is nice to let loose sometimes with one of your good girl friends!  Sara, we need a mulligan on that one! Now I’m not saying to act a fool all the time but dude go ahead and reach in to grab your inner kid and yank them out from time to time!  

Dating.  Well I’m on hiatus from that scene (dating at this age stinks) but I’ll chat about this topic anyways.   I like to date a guy who can be uber goofy.  Not just a sense of humor but one who can take joking around to a whole other level!  

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to laugh!  Especially with a man I’m dating.  It is a turn on and it shows me that he isn’t afraid to let his inner kid out.  And he doesn’t give a crap about what others think about him all the time.  Verbal and physical comedy from a man, DOUBLE whammie!  

I like to make the people I come into contact with at work laugh too.  It lightens the mood and puts them at ease.  

Laughter is the best medicine.   Smiles are contagious.  People love to laugh.  Laughing makes people happy.  Happy adults, happy kids, happy future for the world. 

Peace, love and goofiness,

~Wild Flowers Lori

P.S. “Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Happy Herny Wadsworth Longfellow 

What I am good at, according to me ;)

Cooking is not one of them.  I have the most highly sensitive smoke detector on this earth.  Or…even the smoke detector does not like my cooking.  And it’s not even really cooking for Pete’s sake.  It is grilled “cheese” and fried “pet chicken” eggs.  Gosh darn it, I was sage-ing my place tonight, you know to get rid it of bad energy and possibly not so nice spirits that may be lurking around a 100 year old building, and the darn smoke detector went off.  I. Mean. Really?

So no, if it involves the stove or the freakin’ oven for that matter, I am not good at it.

So things I am good at.

Optimism 😀  Totally 9.9999999999 times out of 10 I will see the bright side of things.  Dude, why get upset.  What is done, is done.  Learn, grow, move forward in a positive direction.

People.  I LOVE people.  I love hearing their stories, their awesome experiences and most of all, how a couple that has been married for a loooong time, has met.

Which leads me to this random tangent.

My folks, Donnie and Gina met one night while my dad was sitting on the stoop of a house with is good buddy Nick Perazola.  Walking down the street towards them was my ma and her friend whose name escapes me.  I am not sure who wore what color but as the story goes they had on matching Penn State sweatshirts.  The only difference being one was white with blue lettering and the other was blue with white lettering.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!  Talk about yin, yang.  Married almost 50 years (this year on September 21) and together over 54 years, they are good at marriage.  They love and fight like hell.  But they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Okay back to the list of things I am good at….

I can love like no other.  When I am with you, I am with you.  But don’t be mistaken…..I am also totally great at being without you.  Life is what it is.  The ups and downs, the rivers and oceans, the canyons and ravines.  I find my way around them because if you don’t, you’ll be just a mere shell of a being.   But it is better to navigate with a partner 😀

My picture…somewhere over Utah.  By train 2010.  

I am not good at finishing an apartment.  I have lived here for over 2 years and I have never painted nor have I bought more than one kitchen chair for my kitchen table.  Maybe I will buy another chair when I settle down with my guy.  (I haven’t met him yet…hehehehe!)  Or maybe I have and it’s all on the universes timing.  Who the hell knows.

I am good at getting myself mentally and physically lost in the woods.  I know myself well enough that if I don’t get out of town and deep into the woods I start to be “not so nice.”

I am good at Halloween decorating..just ask my sister Lisa.

I am good at amazing stupid joke telling…just ask my sister Lana.

I am good at reminding my brother that his “big man status” at work is no match for him succumbing to his three little sisters who won’t let him forget he is still out numbered.  ;D

I am not good at following through…on reupholstering this awesome vintage chair that I bought at an estate sale 4 years ago.  Still the same hideous fabric since the day I bought it.

I am good at collecting driftwood.  A piece has to have some artful effect on me.  I have to look at it and imagine it’s journey and what it went through to get to that beach.  The pieces I do have dance with one another.  🙂

Acceptance.  I am good at that.  Didn’t used to be but I am now.  I accept the good, bad and the ugly.

I am verrrrrry good at road tripping!  Probably my first love.  It’d be pretty cool to have a dog and dude to road trip with.  Any takers?!

Adventuring.  I am goooood at that.  Any takers?!


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



Taking RISKS. Read this dudes…it’s short, lol!

Hmmmm…. I cooouuuuld send out my stuff to an outdoorsy magazine.  I mean my friend Tom threw a copy Backpacker’s Magazine in front of me a couple of weekends ago and said, “You should submit your stuff.  I don’t know why you don’t.”  That made me nervous, shy and humbled and (I’m not gonna lie) a little George McFly nerd like. You know when George laughs like…..

I mean what the heck is holding me back except my own “No way dude, they won’t like my stuff” attitude.  I don’t consider myself a writer.  I hated English class elementary school through college.  Structured sentences, punctuation, grammar.  I mean if any of you have read this blog before you KNOW I am not the best at any of the aforementioned things.  I just type words that spew from my head.  I converse with myself and my fingers just type and then sometimes my brain says, “Lori,  that is not spelled right.  Google the correct spelling please.”  I am not a wordsmith nor a poet.  I liken it to non-verbal diarrhea.

But none the less, why wouldn’t I throw caution into the wind and submit something.  I guess it’s because magazines are so clear cut on what topic they want and how long they want it to be.  I get it..they have to sell something and the space is limited.  Like apartments in NYC or San Francisco.  It’s like that scene from When Harry Met Sally…

“Sally: At least I got the apartment.

Harry: That’s what everybody says to me too. But really what’s so hard about finding an apartment? What you do is, you read the obituary column. Yeah, you find out who died, and go to the building and then you tip the doorman. What they can do to make it easier is to combine the obituaries with the real estate section. Say, then you’d have Mr. Klein died today leaving a wife, two children, and a spacious three bedroom apartment with a wood burning fireplace.

Clear and concise with minimal words as to leave enough room for advertising!


When is the last time any of you people have taken a chance on something or someone?  I let my niece drive home the other day.  She doesn’t have her temps yet but I took the chance on the fact that she is an intelligent young lady and is capable of going 25mph, lol.  When you are in the passenger seat and a non driver is driving, 25 mph is like warp speed!

So let’s get back to this 5 year plan I talked about a couple of blog posts ago.  If I want to achieve my goal I have to take a chance and submit some writing stuff.  I am trying really hard to do things in a certain order.  Yes, that is right, in order, which is a far cry from how I have lived my life thus far.   But I’m an adult now and adults do things an “adulty” way!

So I will continue to write about things that inspire me while trying to get my little busimess  business, off the ground.


P.S. I heart Michael J. Fox!

“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




(This is topic enrages me.  Click on the hyperlinks)


Let’s talk about RAPE.  Let’s talk about how RAPE victims feel when someone makes a tasteless joke about RAPE.  How the parents feel or the spouse of a RAPE victim feels.


Article one: A husband married to a RAPE victim and the father of three boys.

I am so completely ashamed and disappointed of the men in my life who think it is okay to joke about RAPE.  One friend referred to it as a tasteless joke that I am sure a comedian is telling somewhere in Los Angeles and the room full of people are laughing.  What a complete and total disappointment this person was in that moment as he is a married man with a young daughter.

About a year and a half ago I was riding in a car with two guys and woman coming home from a backpacking trip and one of the guys wouldn’t let up  on the RAPE joke topic and how it is “just a joke.”  This jerk has a wife and daughter.  The other guy has THREE daughters and did NOT ONCE stand up/back up me and the other female in the car when we vocalized we were NOT okay with it.  How TOTALLY disappointing!!!!  You are husbands and fathers.  The majority of RAPE victims are female and the father of three girls is too weak to be man enough to speak out against the disgusting guy defending RAPE jokes.

As a female RAPE is my biggest FEAR.

But what about the children who are RAPED?!  Girls and boys being RAPED.  Is that funny?  You complete, total selfish, ignorant people who think RAPE jokes are funny, what would you do if your child was RAPED?  Would you eventually be able to joke about it?  Could you joke about a child’s death?  Maybe you think it is okay to joke about RAPE because some RAPE victims survive.   You ignorant fool.  They carry the scars for the rest of their lives.  What happens if the person you joke about RAPE with happens to be the father of a RAPE victim who committed suicide?     Have you tried to save your child from death?

What about the elderly who are RAPED?  You think RAPE only happens to drunk college women?  You ignorant fool.  What would you do if your mother was RAPED?  Joke about it?

I have absolutely ZERO respect for women and men who joke about RAPE.

What I wouldn’t give for a man that is morally strong and vocally strong in defense of RAPE and it’s VICTIMS.  A man with a back bone and a conscience.  Where are they?!

What if you were forced to listen or watch as your wife and daughters were raped? 

How would you feel then?  Would you still joke?

Shame on you.  And I sure as heck pray for the people in your life who may one day be a victim of RAPE because on average every 98 seconds someone in the United States is RAPED.  Women, men, girls, boys, homosexuals, transgender…victims.

But then again…no one thinks it will ever happen to them or someone they love.


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Shipmates or two ships in passing?

This is about that  best friend, that shipmate you’d love to sail through life with.  That best friend that you know would love, support, listen, give, laugh, encourage, help, understand, have your back, put you in your place when needed, give you space when needed, hold you close when you think you want space but they know better, cup your face in their hands and reassure you that they are there and they are listening when you are crying your eyes over a past experience that you just shared with them, meditate with you then make love…that friend that you can talk things out with no matter the situation because the sum of the us is greater than the issue at hand.  And you would be all the same to him in return because you both know it isn’t always going to be 50/50, at some point someone will be bearing more of the weight.

Neither of you are blissfully ignorant.  You realize that a relationship is not always so peace, love and bubbles.  You both know there are going to be moments when you want to to shove the other one off a cliff but it is a fleeting thought because at the end of the day you want them next to you even when you are at odds with each other.


How do you weather the storm with them when it is raging inside of them?  Do they even want you on their ship?

Life isn’t black or white.  After all, storm clouds and fog are gray, right?

To be continued…


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow





5 Year Plan.

Blessed are those who live out their dreams, that’s the difference between listening to the knock on the door and going to answering it.

(I don’t know who said this but I love it.)

I have a 5 year plan.  I have never had a solid plan, ever.  The biggest plan I ever had was when I packed up my car and planned to drive to California over 4-5 days then attend white water guide school.

Fast forward a decade and I am ready for a change.  I THRIVE ON CHANGE.  I love everything about it.  The excitement of something new, the trials and tribulations that absolutely suck at the time but you realize that it is a HUGE growth moment inside your soul and it is shaking you to the core.  The unknown is what I love most about life.  Who am I going to meet?  Where am I going to go?  What am I going to do a particular day?  Sometimes I just get in my car and take off in a certain direction and just drive for hours, sometimes days.  My last solo trip I had zero idea except that I was first driving to Oregon to see my best friend and from there…whatever I felt like doing, wherever I felt like going in that moment.


It was my trip to Glacier during the aforementioned road trip that I had a life changing moment.  I wrote before about the massive affect Glacier had on me and then the huge bawling session I had on the side of the road in Black Feet Reservation after leaving GNP.  Saying I wanted to stay out there is a huge understatement.  However I knew I couldn’t move somewhere with a mere $500 in my pocket again like I did California.  I want to continue to travel and explore new places but now, as I am straddling 40 years old, I want a game plan.  A real game plan.  From the moment I decided to move to California to the day I left my parents driveway was just under 2 months.  Now, I have 5 years planned out.

I have a desire to stay laser focused.  Of course there is room for some deviation.  But for the first time in my life what I see in the end is more appealing than what I see in the here and now.

Last year at the end of my trip out west I set a goal for finding a job closer to home by the end of the year.  I did that.  I have saved $70 a month on commuting gas, 16 hours a month on my driving commute.  I can now walk, bike or skateboard to work when the weather is nice.

This year my plan means giving up BIG trips for the next 6-7 months and small trips all together. No buying new gear or household items and cutting waaaay back on frivolous spending.  Going out for coffee once a pay instead of several times a week.  COOKING AT HOME.  Novel concept right?  My excuse was, “It is hard to cook for one person.”  That’s crap.  Today I thought about going out to breakfast, getting an afternoon coffee and ordering Chinese for dinner.  In refraining from all that I saved about $25.  That may not seem like a lot but it is $25 toward my end goal.

I have started a business.  I am working on getting it up and running.  I have begun putting a lot of time and energy into creating it and growing it.  This will bring me closer to my goal.  I have a long way to go as I have financial commitments that must be taken care of first.  But I am focused on “building” my future.

Quotes About Moving Forward 0004-6 (8)

In this time of self awareness I am growing so darn much.  Spiritually for sure. Namaste dudes ;D  I am more conscious of my body and how I take care of it.  I am dedicating more of my time to a regular meditation practice….Oooooooomm!  I am not a spiritual guru.  I am just me, listening to and for the first time (it’s about time…lol), focusing on myself for the sake of my future…not just the present.

I am totally stoked about my 5 year plan.  Yes, there are days that I have to remind myself out loud, “5 year plan Lori, your doing this for your 5 year plan!!!!!!! Ugggghhhhh!!! For the love of god it’s for your darn 5 year plan!!!”  But in the end I remember and I get excited about all the things to come.

I’ve already accomplished one dream of mine 10 years ago.  Now I have another one.  I am dreamer.  If you have a dream or desire to do something amazing whether it’s relocating to someplace you been dying to live or something small like  developing a self care routine.  Start it.  If not now when?  Make your life happen!



“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



Saturday Morning French

Every so often you meet a couple who are genuine, adventurous, loving and totally outgoing.  This I absolutely love!

I pulled up to Borderline Cafe about 6:40am on a chilly, snowy and clear Saturday morning.  To my somewhat amazement I saw this elderly (sorry Bob) gentleman shoveling the sidewalk and I thought maybe he owned the building and was clearing a path for the early morning crowd.  I stepped out of my car to read the sign on the door to see what time the cafe opened.  The gentleman said, “They open at 7…ish.  Sometimes a little before, sometimes a little after.”  I got back into my car and when 7am rolled around I got back out but didn’t see the gentleman.  I walked in and I found a seat on the raised platform by the window and settled in for a delicious breakfast and hot cup of coffee!  A pleasant friendly older lady was sitting at the table next to me and low and behold in walked the gentleman and he sat across from her.

The lady and I started chatting (I can start a conversation with anyone, especially if they look interesting.)  I love older people!  I love hearing where they came from, where they’ve been, what they did for a living and oh, the good stories they have!  And if they are a couple, I absolutely love hearing how they met!  There is a wisdom and an innocence people develop have as they age into their golden years.  Wisdom of knowing how the world works and the innocence of not giving a crap about a lot of things!

She introduced herself as Janet and her husband as Bob or  They have been going to the same cafe for breakfast every Saturday morning since it opened in 1994!  They order the same thing, the breakfast quesadilla as of late, and split it between them.  Turns out that Bob does not own the building but he is always out there every Saturday morning either sweeping or shoveling the walkway.  He doesn’t do it because he is related to the owner or for a discounted breakfast, he does it because it keeps him young!  Janet is outgoing and funny as heck in her subtle delivery of stories.  She used to write for the food section of The Plain Dealer.  How cool is that?!  Do to my poor memory and the paper I lost with notes about the couple on it, I cannot say for sure what Bob did for a living, but Bob is very sweet and funny in a way that I appreciate.  He is silly funny!  img_1233

This cute couple met somewhere between 35 -40 years ago.  They have shared many life adventures both big and small.  They asked me my story and I told them of the different places I have lived, things I have done, various outdoor adventures and how the outdoors are my first love.  They asked if I have ever canoed and I spoke of the trip I took to Algonquin up in Canada in 2015.  They did (I believe) a 7 day canoe trip up there!  I really like talking to people and hearing about their travels.  And it is even better when you can share stories with someone who has been there.   😀

As we sat there swapping stories I could not help but think of how fortunate they are that they found each other and were able to live such a fun life together.  That they love each other still after all these years and have breakfast in the same spot every Saturday.  I can only hope that one day I will be sitting with my guy at our favorite local breakfast spot, chatting, reading the newspaper, drinking copious amounts of coffee. And when I look up at him and he at me, the beautiful crazy love we still have for each other will be reflected in each others eyes.

Thank you Janet and Bob for being a friendly, inspiring and beautiful couple.

See you soon on a Saturday morning 🙂


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


British Accent, sore muscles and red wine….lol

(this post is to be read with a British accent)      

Birmingham, England                                                                                                                                       October 24, 1885

Dearest Everyone who reads this blog,

I am writing to tell you about the oh so very exciting life I lead.   PLEASE DO NOT BE JEALOUS OF THE FOLLOWING POST!  (it will be hard but you’ll get through it)

I worked out on Saturday morning, it was leg and core day and I was feeling in tip top form. Quite  wonderful that I was able to exercise my right to perform other exercises apart from taking turns around the garden with my sister Jane!

I then went to work with a client.  (On the weekends I help people organize their homes and offices.)  After working with the client I went to do some light bouldering at local crag if you will.  Now, let me say that I am not the best climber, nor the worst but it is nice to be outside in the elements by one’s self.  However, even though I was climbing by myself there were people who were hiking by and some stopped to watch me.  Seriously.  No one wants to watch me climb.  I am not very good but I work at it… 60% of the year, okay maybe 50%.  Lol…  I keep ear buds in my ears so I don’t have to listen to people ask questions.  I mean if you circle back around I will be stuck on the same crux that I was 30 minutes ago and you’ll think to yourself, “She stinks…let’s keep hiking.”  Not very exciting to watch after all eh?!  lol…  Needless to say I am still working on the same problem.

Sunday morningI awoke in crazy arse pain!  I mean it was painful to sit down, stand up, climb stairs, hang pictures, laugh, breath.  Weirdly I had no problem eating, my buccinator muscles are in top form!  :/  I felt like the Tin Man who needed the oil can.  Except I needed massage and a beer!  I decided to take a rest day and not workout at all.  I organized a client and then my friend and I went to a movie and I almost fell asleep a few times through out it.  I felt I owed it to him to stay awake as he paid for the tickets!  Bloody hell people…. it is quite difficult being 29 years of age.  Okay, that is a lie…I am somewhere between 31 and 100 years of age.  I am not narrowing it down for you anymore.  You don’t deserve to know the truth.

Now it is Monday evening.  I stopped at the market and then came home where I proceeded not to use a single darn ingredient I bought 20 minutes prior. I opened a bottle of delicious red wine and made vegan nachos.  Vegan cheese still sucks.  This brand melted better but was still absolutely tasteless.  One good thing that I learned is that if you mix vegan sour cream with buffalo sauce that combo will mask the bad taste of crappy vegan cheese!!!

Now I am off to bed where I will toss and turn waking up to dry a mouth and two very dry eyes WISHING I would have bought that humidifier I saw on Amazon for $30 a week ago!  I will get up at 4:15am, press snooze twice and then finally crawl out of bed and get me arse to the gym.  I will literally look like the walking dead.  If any of you don’t watch it on the television feel free to meet me at the gym and you can see a live performance! Lol…

Your loving sister and dead poet,

Lori and Henry (Wadsworth Longfellow)  He gives to people and thinks it is cool.




The Badlands…snuggling with bison



If you have never been to the Badlands I HIGHLY suggest you go!  I saw more wildlife in my first hour in the Badlands than I did during my several days in Glacier.  Prairie Dogs, Long Horn Sheep and Bison.  Let me tell ya, the wildlife here is abundant and they let you know that this is their home, NOT yours.  The animals were not aggressive by any means, but they sure aren’t going to make any accommodations for us mere human folk.  They roam this land the way they were intended to, freely.

I invite you to enjoy 244,000 acres of untouched wilderness.

The Badlands hold a very special place for me.  I ventured here eleven years ago on a pilgrimage of sorts.  I was searching for a spirituality that I could connect with in an intimate way.  I was reading the book, Black Elk Speaks, by John G. Neihardt.  This book tells the true story of a medicine man, Black Elk, from the Oglala Lakota (Sioux).blackelk

This book moved me and opened up my eyes and heart.  It was because of this book that I trekked out to the Badlands in late July/ early August of 2005.   I was traveling there so I could be alone in a sacred place.  I wanted to be in stillness and quiet, in a land untouched by man’s messy hand.

Well… funny thing about that trip in 2005 and the one this past August 2016…BOTH times I ended up on the road the same week as Sturgis!  Hahaha!  For those of you that do not know what Sturgis is, it is a motorcycle rally held in Sturgis, SD.  It is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world.  In 2005 the official attendance was over 525,000! So I was NOT alone on the road.  Hahahaha!  The motorcyclists were the nicest people I met on that 2005 trip.  They were kind, giving and helpful to a solo female traveler.  They even helped me with flat tire and made sure I made it to the auto shop safely!

I almost didn’t make it to the Badlands this go around.  I was traveling though Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Wyoming and I was tiiiiired!  But I stopped at Wall Drug one last time for a doughnut and a 5¢ cup of coffee.  I was sitting there sipping on my brew talking to myself in my head,  “Duuuuude Lori the entrance is right there, you have a national park pass and seriously you LOVE the Badlands.”  So I hopped in my car and drove south down Route 240 to the Pinnacles Entrance.  I was in and in love, again!!!

I pulled into the Badlands and was excited to spend a night in a National Park where I didn’t have to worry about grizzly bears, black bears or mountain lions.  I even joked that the only creature I’d have to worry about was a rogue prairie dog!  Suuuure the park is packed with bison but bison aren’t to interested in humans, they’re vegans after all 🙂  We are kindred spirits 😀  Compassionate eaters…lol!  I am one with my bison my peeps.

I found two horse posts (sans horses) where I rigged up my hammock.

Under stars and swaying in the wind

After rigging my hammock so it would be about a half foot off the ground, I decided to roam around and take some pictures and chat up a few other solo travelers.  I met Cody from Niagra Falls, Canada and Rob from Alberta, Canada, both traveling solo.  Cody was suppose to be working Burning Man as a paramedic but the officials couldn’t get his credentials verified in time so he decided to take a great American road trip anyways!  Rob is a Canadian that is currently residing in Southern California and just traveling every chance he gets.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting inspiring, fearless and kind people on my travels.  The energy from these meetings are infectious!  The three of us sat around swapping travel stories and drank a few beers.  I only had two beers because I was super tired and if I had anymore than that I wouldn’t have been able to stay up to watch the meteor shower 😀  After a couple of hours I decided to hit the hay.

As I crawled into my hammock and snuggled into my sleeping bag, I couldn’t help but feel so darn HAPPY and CONTENT!  I had a met two very cool dudes (too young for me :/), watched an amazing sunset, seen falling stars all across the sky and now I was being swayed to sleep in my hammock by a nice breeze.  The moon and stars were my ceiling and the coyotes were singing me a lullaby.  It. Was. Perfect.

A few hours later I awoke to the loudest snorting and chewing I have ever heard in my life!  I suddenly awoke and thought to myself, “They (bison) must be close!”  I ever so carefully  pulled down the left side of my hammock and stared into a GIANT WALL OF BROWN.  I could see the giant wall of brown because the moon was very bright that night.  As my eyes followed the wall down they met an eye and a big mouth chewing on the tough grasses that blanker the landscape.  This bison was SIX inches from my head!  The only thing separating us was a skinny horse post.  I was so excited and in awe but was also crapping myself at the same time!  I laid still as a statue and tried not to make any noises or sudden movements as bison are spooked by those things and that is when they attack.  My heart was POUNDING out of my chest so much that I feared it may break through and I’d die!  All I could think of was, okay…this is it.  If I die at least it will be somewhere I love and doing something I love.  I am totally okay with that.  Three bison passed within 6 inches of my head in a single file line all stopping to graze right by my head.  What felt like 30 minutes was probably only 10 minutes but still dudes it was sooooo cool and nerve wracking at the same time.  I waited for a while after I heard the last one go by.  Cody then yelled out to me that they were gone but I didn’t believe him.  I laid there for another minute or two until he yelled out, “Lori, I swear they are all really gone.  They have moved on.”  Phhhhewwww!

Uh….Pleasure to meet you.  😀


My snuggle buddies for the night…!

He said they were so close to my head that even he was scared from a distance.  He walked up to me and we were both like, “Did that just really happen?!”  He was up late doing some time lapse photography and was I glad he was.  We chatted for a few minutes and then I went to sleep in my car for the next few hours.  Hahaha! CRAZINESS!!!

The Bad Lands are bad @ss, so bad @ss that the storm clouds are the craziest I have ever seen!



Soft billowy clouds on the horizon of The Bad Lands


Epic trip dudes!

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Get in your car and GO!


“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfello