Spas, parks and babies = relaxation and love

Holy awesome Sunday Batman!

Great morning to all you out there!  I am excited to share my Sunday with you so let’s go!  🙂

Yesterday morning I made the decision to start this blog.  I was inspired by an awesome blogger Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers at  Her blog always puts me in a better mood with her tales from everyday life.  Plus her and her husband have a crazy cute dog named Sadie that she frequents in her blog.  So thanks Julie for being awesome at what you do!

Secondly, nothing in the world makes me happier than to be outside.  But first I went inside…to the hot tub and sauna.  Hmmmm….relaxation.  The place that I work at has an amazing gym that offers everything you’d ever want to do.  I kept telling myself that I should soothe my sore muscles with a soak in the hot tub and a session in the sauna.  My little piece of advice….maaaybe just do one or the other.   😉   I am not capable of being in a hot tub too long for two reasons… 1.  boredom and 2. They can be too hot!  And going from the hot tub to the sauna was tooo much even with the 24 ounces of water I had on hand to stay hydrated.  😦   Normally I can stay in the sauna for a good 30 minutes but today I lasted 3 minutes and got the heck out of there.

Now for the great outdoors!  I went on a hike/jog today with my friend Chris.  The weather was sunny and crisp and the leaves are changing rapidly here in Northern Ohio.  There are these huge set of stairs by the nature center at one of the many local Cleveland Metroparks.  I usually do 10-15 climbs 2-3 times a week.  It hurts but it’s a good hurt I promise!

Around 134 stairs.  Kind of looks like a giant bug coming your way!
Around 134 stairs. Kind of looks like a giant bug coming your way!
Golden leaves :)
Golden leaves 🙂

I basically grew up in these parks and could hike them everyday and never tire of them because there seems to be new trails that I rediscover every so often.  In fact my friend Chris goes here a lot too and I showed him a trail that he’s never been on.  I lived in Southern and Northern California for about 6 years and I really missed the Cleveland Metroparks even though I had access to all the GREAT parks in California.  I missed the big shades trees, watching the sun filter through the canopy, getting rained on by the morning dew that falls from the leaves while I am out running.   I heart Cleveland!!!  So after an amazing hike/jog in the park with a good friend I headed back indoors to….

My niece and much love!
My niece and nephew…TWINS…so much love!

The TWO newest additions to my plethora of nieces and nephews.  I now have nine of them!  No shortage of kids in this family which means no shortage of love!  My amazing sister and her sweet husband welcomed these two little beautiful humans into the world on 10/3/14.  They are the cutest little buggers and I could not resist holding them for hours on end today 😀  My mom and I were there Sunday while my sister rested and took a nap and her husband spent some quality one on one time with their other adorable child, a  22 month old daughter.  I am a newborn natural.  I nannied in California for a while and newborns were my specialty.  When I have a newborn in my arms it seems as if bombs could drop all around me and I would still be in a complete state of bliss.

What a fun, amazing, beautiful and happy Sunday!  I hope you are all having a great start to your week!

Feel free to comment below and share your happy weekend stories with me!  I’d love to hear them 😀

Live well,


“Give what  you have.  To someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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