Waking up on the last warm day of autumn..

What’s going on everyone?!  Today was nothing short of AWESOME!  I woke up this morning to a warm breeze flowing through my windows…how awesome is that for late October?!  I also had an easy breezy morning that started off with a great cup of coffee.  Have any of you tried Starbucks Via?  I love those little packets!  I ran out of ground coffee and haven’t been to the market in a couple of weeks so I resorted to the little packets I had in my cupboard.  I usually take them backpacking with me, as regular instant coffee is just plain gross!

Image from www.graphics.com
Image from http://www.graphics.com

They also offer instant lattes but I am not a fan of those.  While I was enjoying my cafe I was catching up with one of my very best friends, Allison.  We’ve been friends for quite sometime now but it seems the older we get the busier we are and the harder it is to get together in person and catch up!  So this morning we caught up over her morning drive to work and me having coffee on my back porch 😀  I hopped on the treadmill post awesome coffee conversation and started running.  I know a lot of people get bored on the treadmill.  For me, I get that runners’ high anywhere, anytime I’m running.  I just zone out and keep going until my body says, “Um dude, we’re done.”  I started out at a 8:57/mile pace.  Not too bad after working 6 days straight.  I never put the emergency clip on me but for some reason I did today.  Big mistake!  Right in the middle of my run it pulled off from the consul and my treadmill came to a sudden STOP!  I hate when that happens!  I guess it is a good thing it did because when I looked at the clock I saw that I was going to be late for a meeting at work if I didn’t get my butt in gear!  So I “freshened” up (tried to be less smelly) and drove to the hospital for meeting.  Then it was more coffee with one of my other very best friends Patty!

Odd angle I know!  Friends for 22 years!
Odd angle I know! Friends for 22 years!

I am in the middle of studying for my NASM personal training certification.  As I was studying I thought to myself,  “I need to practice these things with a real person and not just online.”  Guess what?!!!  I have my first client!  Of course she isn’t a real client because I am not certified yet.  Also, she is one of my very best friends!  It is like massage therapy students.  They can’t charge you full price because they aren’t certified but they need the practice and the hours!  So instead of charging my friend money, I get to practice on her and she is paying me with what????  COFFEE!!!!  On the days we train she offered to buy my soy lattes!  And it is PSL (pumpkin spice latte) season!!!! YUM!

Image from www.coachsara.com
Image from http://www.coachsara.com

You may think I am obsessed with Starbucks but I really am not.  I do love their Blonde coffee though!  It’s just there isn’t a decent cafe in my little town.  There is one, but it is pump coffee and anyplace can do that.  So when I do venture in there, it is for a foo foo coffee.  I can’t wait to move closer to Cleveland!  It will be happening soon!  I HEART CLEVELAND!!!  I will be closer to sooooo many things I love to do.  The Cleveland Rock Gym for one!!!  I used to be an avid climber indoors and some outdoors but right now I live a little too far to be driving there several times a week.  I love bouldering but you’re not allowed in the Cleveland Metroparks.  Bummer!  Also, I will be closer to great coffee, Rocky River Reservation (my favorite park on the westside!) and most importantly… the lake!

My GREAT city!  photo from www.storagelocations.com
My GREAT city! photo from http://www.storagelocations.com

So on this last awesome day of autumn I say good night… ~Lori “Give what you have, to someone it may be better than you dare to think.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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