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Holy crazy night of dreaming!  I really hope that your dreams were more pleasant than mine last night…lol!  You know those dreams that when you’re in the thick of it you are hoping and praying that it is a dream?  I was sooooo happy to wake up ;D

What i wish I was dreaming about!
What I wish I was dreaming about!  From my AT trip in July!

Anyways, today’s post is going to very hodge podgey.  I am in a somewhat delirious happy mood this morning.  Maybe it is because of my crazy night of dreams or maybe because today belongs to me!  I don’t have to be anywhere except a hair appointment.  My day is going to be great!!!!  So I awoke this morning and put on clothes to go to the gym.  I got into my car and drove there then all of a sudden I was like, “I am having a fantastic ponytail hair day!”  So I called my little sister for some motivation to get my arse out of the parking lot and into the gym.  She told me that if she could be at the gym right now she would, in other words get my butt in there!  (Keep in mind she just had twins 2.5 months ago!)  Then I asked if  I can show up at the salon with sweaty hair?  I am getting my hair colored for only the second time in my life so I don’t know the protocol.  Sooooo to err on the side of caution, I opted for the coffee shop and an hour or so to write!  Hahahaha!  Lol….  All in the name of showing up at the salon with a great looking ponytail.  Sometimes what makes a happier human are the little quirky things that happen throughout the day.  As trivial as my morning may seem, it is bringing a calming slap happy smile to my face.  I’ll take it!

My hair is brown but this the same kind of pony I'm rocking today!
My hair is brown but this the same kind of pony I’m rocking today!

Another great thing that came out of a sleepless night was joining the meetup group called Cleveland Vegans Meetup Group.  Oh to be on the iPhone at 2:45am….oy!  There is an event going on today that I really want to check out but I don’t know how long my appointment is going to go.  Some friends and family have been asking my about my transition to going vegan.  I am going to write a whole post on that subject here in the near future.  But I will say one thing, going vegan is a process and it really helps to have people in your life who support you.  They don’t have to “agree” with it but it is nice having their support.  I was in a relationship once where my boyfriend was actually really upset with me,  he did most of the cooking and he was angry that he would have to change up the dinner menu a little.  So with that being said, going vegan is a personal choice for whatever reason.  It will slightly affect your friends and family when eating in or eating out but the solutions are so simple.  Like I said I will write about that here in the very near future!

I am sitting in the cafe right now with the sun beaming down on my face and it feels so AMAZING!  Cleveland is supposed to have a high temperature of 55 today!  Really?!  That makes me even a more happier human!!!  It is definitely a metroparks kind of day!  And since my awesome ponytail kept me from the gym this morning that means I’m already dressed for a walk/hike!  Lol..LIFE IS GOOD TODAY 🙂

Be kind today.  Take extra time with the people or animals in your life.  Smile at a stranger.  Buy yourself some flowers or for guys buy whatever small thing that makes you happy!  Do good.  Be good.  Love exceptionally well!

Peace, love and exploration,


“Give what you have, to someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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