Digging a little deeper, getting a little higher…


Good Evening Everyone!  I sincerely hope that this work week was good to you all!  I know I am looking forward to a weekend that is filled with relaxation, meditation, family and SLEEP!  Lol….

I want to chat about something, a change to be precise, that has happened internally for me.  I only really figured it out in the past week and I am so excited to share it with you.  Something personal happened in the past week that before would have sent me down a serious road of  self analyzing that in turn would have spurred a serious Q&A session in my head.  I am not going to divulge the personal circumstance.  (I can’t share everything with you all!)

As I have mentioned in a previous post I went through a pretty painful self discovery about 2 years ago.  I  worked really hard to overcome that pain, loss and self-doubt.  I am NOT totally rid of the self-doubt because I believe that will be a work in progress for some time to come at any given point in my life.  Maybe one day I will be enlightened enough to never encounter self-doubt again … um yeah right.  Oh wait, there I go again!  Hahahaha!

I’ll get started….as the quote above states I used to prefer my suffering because it was what I knew. Although I knew I didn’t enjoy it, it was familiar.  It was a protective barrier with giant walls.  If I didn’t break down those walls then I would never get hurt again.  I could live within the safe compound of my suffering.  For as much as an adventurer that I am, I didn’t want to venture personally out of fear of failure, pain and disappointment.  Now the suffering that I went through could be completely different from the kind of suffering that you or someone you know may be going through.    No matter what it is, it IS possible to overcome and when you least expect you will find yourself one day in a complex situation and your old way of thinking won’t even enter your mind.

One of my great discoveries in this life is Deepak Choprah and his The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  I bought this book on iTunes and listened to it in my car over and over and over and over again!  To this day I STILL listen to it just to keep myself on track.  Deepak Choprah talks about how you can change your way of thinking by going into the gap, the space between thoughts, “…this space between thoughts is pure consciousness, pure silence, and pure peace. When we meditate, we use an object of attention, such as our breath, an image, or a mantra, which allows our mind to relax into this silent stream of awareness. When thoughts arise, as they inevitably will, we don’t need to judge them or try to push them away. Instead, we gently return our attention to our object of attention.”  Meditation has also become a go to appreciation, relaxation and inspirational place for me.  Now, I am by NO MEANS a meditating, yogic or spiritual guru.  I am just simply sharing what has worked for me.  I changed my way of thinking by LETTING GO of my old ways of thinking.  The negativity, the self-doubt, the wanting like hell to control the situation, the wanting to force an outcome…  it completely went away for me this time around.  Deepak Choprah says you can do more by doing nothing.  I find that to be very true for me.  I find that if I sit back, don’t judge, don’t force and don’t try to control the situation then things work out exactly how they should without all the anxiety that comes from trying to control, force and judge.  There was a moment this past week where I tried to come up with a solution and implement it.  But it didn’t work.  It would not have worked because I was trying to be in control instead of just being.  I am not perfect at this.  But this past week I felt SOOOOO HAPPY with myself for realizing what was going on and choosing a different approach and response than what I would have before.  I am now able to set positive intentions in my meditations.  Not selfish ones.  Only positive ones that will benefit the greater good of everyone involved.

Now I am just letting my situation unfold exactly how the universe wants it to.  Naturally.  Without human interference, my humanness!

Relationships, life, work, etc. can all change if we decided to change our thoughts and become more self aware.  There are many aspects of my life that I still need to apply this to.  But when it happened this past week I felt like I was on cloud nine!

I may want a certain out come but it may not be the one intended for me.  The difference this time around is that I ACCEPT that!  And that feels pretty damn good!  Here is a great link about acceptance from a Choprah Center newletter.  http://www.chopra.com/files/newsletter/Feb11/Newsletter-Feb11-david.html

(I apparently don’t have the option in insert a hyperlink so you will have to copy and paste it)  😦

Becoming a happier human is an ever ongoing process that suprises me, enlightens me and makes me hopeful.  I hope this helped in someway for someone out there.


Peace, lots of warm sunshine love, and bubbles,


“Give what you have.  To someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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