I wish I could describe the clouds

I wish I could describe to you in detail the clouds that were hanging in the sky on Tuesday…  I was driving home from work and could not stop staring up at the crazy eclectic clouds.  It was one of those afternoons where the sky was a bright radiant blue and the sunshine was floating between clouds casting highlights and shadows.  There were clouds of all shapes, sizes, colors and fluffiness…(that’s right..fluffiness!)  There were massive walls of clouds next to wispy ones, storybook clouds intermingling with gray one’s saturated with precipitation.  All the while the sky was a radiant beautiful blue.  I am not a very good flier but when I am up above the clouds I become very calm.  I really love flying through them… how cool is that?!    All the Gods were doing there finest work that afternoon and put on the most beautiful display.  People love posting pictures of rainbows, and yes they are very pretty, but I absolutely love clouds.


This is a picture of some very interesting clouds that I took while traveling by train through Utah.  I forget what kind they are.


(a quick shout out to my friend Howdy…)  I always used to call up my friend Kevin a.k.a. “Howdy” and ask him about the clouds I have seen because he went to school and became a meteorologist.  He would always have the correct answer and an explanation of why they looked the way they did!  Smile  Now my old friend is among them up in heaven…

This is a short and sweet post tonight..

Peace, love and lots of warm sunshine,


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

2 thoughts on “I wish I could describe the clouds

  1. We saw an interesting cloud formation on Tuesday as well, like a mushroom cloud, yet spilling its bottom to the horizon as if it were a rain burst. I remember, as a lot of us, lying in the grass as children staring up and seeing all sorts of creatures in the sky above.

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