Yoga…done to hip hop?!?!?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I was driving home from work today and listening to a “throwback” workout station on Spotify.  And when I say throw back the songs were from about 7 years ago?!?  I don’t know… Anyways, I was thinking about how I was going to come home and do some yoga and then I had a brilliant idea!  I am going to do yoga but to some hip hop music!!!  I. Am. A. Genius!  What got me going was a song by Usher.  Sometimes I try to be a professional dancer in my car on my commute to or from work ;D  Remember that car commercial with the woman dancing in the front passenger seat?!  Eh hem… that’s me!  Hahaha..I wish!

I will have to let you know how the hip hop yoga goes 😉

How often do you guys change up your workout routine?  I get bored very easily if I do the same workout several times in a row.  I am constantly switching it up.  I had to give up running the bleachers as of late because of awful shin splints in my right shin.  Today at work I was sitting at the nurses station and all of a sudden I had very sharp pains shoot up my right shin.  Gosh it was PAINFUL!  The physical therapist at work told me that I need to stretch more and lay off the high impact cardio for a little while.  Ugh…  I am going on a backpacking trip in a week so I hope to be back up to speed by then.

Yesterday a friend and I went to the park and climbed the stairs behind the nature center.

Around 134 stairs.  Kind of looks like a giant bug coming your way!
Around 134 stairs. Kind of looks like a giant bug coming your way!

My friend is very toned and muscular as he spends a lot of time in the gym lifting weights.  However, I can out do him when it comes to cardio any day!  He texted me today to tell me that he was soooo sore.  Poor baby!  So I asked him if he would put me through a killer upper body workout.  I am great with cardio.  Not so great at being consistent with weights…especially my upper body.  And this dude has some sweet arms so I trust that the workout he puts me through will be awesome and a good hurt!

What are some of your favorite upper body workouts?

Have a great night!


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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