1/2 marathon day 1….not bad ;)


Hey Folks!  May we first talk about the amazing weather we had in Cleveland today?!?!?!  It hit a high of 58 degrees, did you hear me?!  58!  This day one year ago I was moving into my place battling 3′ snow drifts.  Today people were running in shorts and a t-shirt! 😀

Okay okay… let me get back on track.  lol…

So I have been training for about a week now but I am using this as day one since it is the first day I am sharing it with you all.  But let me back up to yesterday.

Usually I like to run first thing in the morning.  Yep that’s right I am a morning person!  Don’t hate me… I know a lot of people find that to be incredibly annoying :/  Anyways, yesterday was beautiful too so I decided to let it warm up a bit and go running mid morning.  BIG MISTAKE man, big mistake.  I ate a decent breakfast and still had not digested it enough by the time I went on my run so therefore my 3.2 miles were totally crappy and seriously I had to walk/run.  Lesson learned!

Today however was my cross training day 😀  Here is what I did a a favorite local park with an amazing panoramic view of Lake Erie!

  1. Stairs at my local park carrying 5lb hand weights in each hand.  I climbed them straight up and sideways on both sides.
  2. Bicep curls, triceps lifts and front and side arms raises with the weights while climbing the stairs.
  3. Tricep dips, 3 sets of 12
  4. Forearm planks 3 sets at 30 seconds each.  (my upper body is like spaghetti right now.)
  5. Using a blue therapy band and placed it under the balls of my toes and stood about hip width apart.  I then criss-crossed the band in front of me and side stepped 12 steps to the left and then 12 steps to the right.  I repeated this 3 times on each side.
  6. Keeping the band in place under my feet I then did arm raises and arms pulls.
  7. 3 sets of 12 squats.
  8. Calf raises 3 sets of 12.
  9. Leg raises sitting down
  10. Leg raises standing and extending my leg out behind me at a slight angle.

Side note:  I get really bored lifting weights so I combined cardio and weight lifting!  Whoop Whoop Go ME!


My mom and I went out to breakfast in Lakewood at Borderline Cafe.  So delicious!  We split a muffin, a fruit bowl and a veggie omelette with hash browns and rye toast.  Seems like a lot but again, we split everything and even then couldn’t finish it all.

Post cross-training I had a protein smoothie.  I use Garden of Life Raw Protein vegan organic protein powder with vanilla.


I added unsweetened Almond milk, kale (minus the stems), a banana and strawberries.  I put everything in the blender and poured it into my 16oz. shaker bottle.  It tasted soooo delicious!

Later today my family gathered for my brothers birthday celebration!  My big brother turned 42!  Sometimes I cannot believe how fast time flies.  It seems like yesterday that we were all walking to elementary school in our freshly ironed uniforms!

Circa 1984?

It is a bit of a grainy photo but you get the gist.  😀

So at the party I had chips and dip (not a lot but maybe too many.)  I also had a black bean burger with baked beans and coleslaw.  I didn’t do too bad!  On the first of January I gave up sweets and a lot of processed sugar.  I cannot tell you how good I feel!  My energy level at work is consistent and the sugars highs and lows have ceased to exist!  It has been 31 ones days I don’t really ever crave sugar!  So needless to say I didn’t have any birthday cake or ice cream tonight.  Lori 1, sugar devil 0!

That concludes my “first day” of keeping myself accountable!  Like I said please share any tips you may have for my nutrition and training!

Tomorrow is a rest day as I will be working all day then moving apartments (within my building.)

See ya tomorrow!


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



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