Recovery and repair (shins and cars)…

Good morning everyone!  It is a beautiful crisp morning here in Cleveland.

I am currently writing as I am sitting at Conrad’s Tire Express & Total Car Care in North Olmsted.  I bought new tires yesterday and I didn’t know that they do more than just tires!?  The staff here is really friendly and helpful and as someone who doesn’t like to spend my day off taking care of car issues, their friendliness and generosity made the experience a more pleasant one. 🙂  After my tires were put on I ask the gentleman who was checking me out if he had a quick minute to listen to the rattling sound underneath my car that has been occurring for the past several months.  He, Randy, took the time to do that at the last minute and I was very grateful he did.  Last June I hit a set of railroad tracks a little to hard.  I wasn’t speeding!  The tracks are old and not evened out so it was really rough going over them.  Since then I always hear an annoying rattling sound whenever I hit even the tiniest of bumps.  So now they are checking it out and I hope it is nothing serious!  (update: just received the estimate new stabilizer links: $182!)  Oy vey!

Now for the shin splint up date.  It is not going well.  😦  Also I will be posting weekly updates as it is hard to post everyday at this point!)

I am really trying not to become discouraged and I am trying to focus on other areas of training but I have to say I am getting a little bored.  While driving to get my car checked out this morning I passed a few runners and my heart sank a little.  Recovery has always been my biggest problem.  I am not patient in that regard but I am working on it!  I was standing in Marshall’s yesterday and all of a sudden I felt a very sharp pain traveling up my shin.  It hurt like heck!!!  I have been rolling out my calves with a foam roller, doing stretches, wrapping it while I am work and wearing compression socks too.

Dudes….I just have to chill and come to terms with the recovery process.  Soooo hard.

In other training news I have decided to keep a food diary for training purposes.  I am not one who counts calories and obsesses over food in a diet kind of way.  I am doing it because I want to see what affects my body how.  Yesterday I was measuring my floors for area rugs and while I had the measuring tape out I took my measurements…winter has crept up and added a few inches to my body!!!  What the heck?!  Reality check!  Time to start seriously looking at what food I am putting down my gullet.

While I was waiting for my tires yesterday I strolled down to Half-Price Books.  I am not really a cook but really want to start attempting to be.  I have made a few delicious dishes but ask anyone in my family and they will tell some funny, ridiculous stories of my ineptitude in the kitchen.  An ex-boyfriend of mine once bought me a really nice pan for Christmas instead of a massage that I has asked for!  Hahahaha 😛

So I was perusing the cookbook aisle looking for a simple, easy, SMALL cookbook.  I am a vegetarian and 1/2 A** vegan so my options were a bit limited.  I also gave up processed added sugar January 1 so that means no sugary sweets.  None.

(Side note: since giving up sugar my energy level throughout the day has stayed on an even keel and I feel really good.  After a month I no longer crave or really think about sweets!)

My co-worker, Gail, who is a fabulous baker is working on a sugarless cake for me 🙂  (I am not promoting nor endorsing any kind of diet, just simply what works for me.  Do what makes you feel your best!)  Anyways, a small jam packed little cookbook caught my eye.

Kathy Patalsky

Kathy Patalsky wrote a very easy to understand cookbook!  It is not a preachy kind of cookbook.  A lot of the recipes are just a few ingredients which is really nice for someone like me who gets very intimidated at the grocery store :/ I always end up buying the same few items every time.  Bananas, oats, kale, apples etc.  She shares tips and ideas for what to stock in your pantry and some health tips too!  I am soooo going to try one of the recipes tomorrow!  Also check out her other website Finding Vegan!

It is a journey, an educational and humbling journey my friends!  But I love it 🙂

So that is where I am at this week.  🙂  Plugging along like the rest of you!  I will be going to see a musician tonight with a few friends of mine so I am excited about that!  I love live music in small settings!

Hope all of you are going to have a fun relaxing weekend!


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow






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