Where I left a bit of my spirit. Extraordinary Montana: Part 3

The love of my life right now

I nestled into my warm sleeping bag on a very crisp (puffy jacket kind of crisp morning!) making sure I was tucked below the rocks far enough so no one from the road could see me.  The rock ledge was just wide enough for me to lay.  In this spot I spent a few mornings drawing, writing, napping and sitting in wonderment about this little spot I found.  My mind instantly stopped racing about all the things I wanted to do and see while in Glacier.  In an instant, nature stopped me in my tracks and erased all other things from my mind.  The flow of the swiftly moving water came around the bend pillowing over a few large embedded rocks and then dramatically slowed down as if to lazily pool in the curve of the river.  That is where I was tucked.  Into the curve of the river where the water took it’s time dancing around the eddies hanging out before moving on down stream.  I so wanted to jump in!  Just to be one with the river for a brief moment.  I could picture myself being alive 150 years ago, laying in this same spot.  No cars going by up above on the road, just me in the water swimming and being free…


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The water here is so clear and crisp.  If I had the guts I would have taken a dip but it was very cold in the mornings and I was happy and comfy in my sleeping bag.

I listened, I mean really listened, to the beautiful sounds of nature all around me.  The flowing water, chipmunks scurrying, all sorts of birds who were busy calling out into the morning and the wind blowing through the river valley.  Imagine the most picturesque nature montage from a movie then times that by a million.

There are some things I want to hold sacred so I am going to end this post here.  I do not want to provide details to exactly where along the road this place is.  Maybe one day you will go there with me. 😉

Have a beautiful weekend 😀


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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