Get rid of stuff and free yourselves dude!

Hey!!!  I am writing this evening from the lake 😀  I have to say that car living is so far so GREAT!  Knock on wood I haven’t had any issues so here is to keeping the good going good!

I have been thinking about all that I have given up and the freedom that has come with that.  One may say, “Lori you don’t have any kids nor a husband, how much more freedom does one need?!”  Well freedom from material things is completely different than an absence of a partner or children.  Whether we are ready to admit or not we DON”T NEED all the MATERIAL things that we have.  The more you have the more those things are capable of cluttering your mind.

I am not the first one to completely down size nor am I some kind of life decluttering guru but take a look around your place and take in all that you have.  I can safely bet that most of you don’t use all that you have.  I know I didn’t.  I had two closets and a small storage space filled with stuff that had been following me around from city to city for the past 11 years!  Holy crap, 11 years!  When you learn to part with things, you add more and more freedom to your life.  I believe everything has energy.  People, places and things all carry some form of energy.  Things take up your energy.  All those extra gizmos and gadgets that you have in your home take up YOUR ENERGY, they take up space.  I will never forget the time one of my nephews said to me, “Aunt Lori, I like that house you lived in out in the country.  It was clean and spacious.  My mind felt better there.”  I kid you not that is what he said.  And it’s true.  I lived in a nice home with beautiful furniture and kept things at a minimum.  My partner (at the time) and I kept a clean clutter free home as he and I liked an order to things.  Not in a rigid way but in a “the less we have the less we have to clean and take care of way!

Now I am not telling you to sell or donate all your stuff and move into your car like I did!  But how much do you really need to be happy?  I think you’d surprise the heck out of yourself.  People back in the old days worked harder and had way less stuff then we do now.  They knew the value of the stuff they had in their life and spent their free time with people, connecting.  Also the stuff that they worked hard for was awesome quality stuff that was built to last.  Unlike the cheap flimsy stuff that fills up stores now.  Also they were way less lazy.  They did for themselves and if they needed help they could call upon their neighbors because they made connections with them.

I love my mom!  However, my mom spends such an excessive amount of time on her phone.  She is addicted!  Sadly most people are these days.  Instead of people asking about the other’s interest we ask, “Hey did you see that thing on Facebook?!  Here let me show you!”  I would love to have a conversation with one of my friends and them not check their phone at least twice during dinner or coffee.

Back to downsizing…

I have my shirts, pants and sweatshirts in a 12″x 36″ bin,  a smaller bin for socks and underwear, a hanging toiletry bag, a small library, a glass gallon water jug, a yoga mat, 2 pairs of shoes and my dry bag of coffee, fuel and a pocket stove in my trunk.  I go to the market every morning for fresh fruits and veggies for the day.  I sleep like a rock in my foldout bed!

We don’t need all the extra crap in our lives but we have been sold on the lie that we do.

What we need is more awareness with the people in front of us and time with ourselves disconnected from technology instead of us disconnecting from others and ourselves.

I am trying to live the best version of my true self. I am much happier and freer than I was living in a cute apartment filled with lots nonsensical stuff.

Now quit reading this and start freeing your mind!


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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