Dude Where’s My Van?…lol

Duuuuuuuuuudes…..  I am totally at an impasse!  I have been wracking my brain for the past several weeks about what to do come June 19.  I have this cozy, sometimes air conditioned, sometimes not air conditioned, Airbnb until then.  What comes next is either buy the van which will take 12-16 weeks for the factory to build because of certain things I want, or rent a place for a year to give myself some much needed stability and structure.

See this past year and half was wonderfully stressful.  Make sense?  Yeah, probably not so let me explain.  lol…

On the evening of December 31, 2018 I was having fun with friends at Sky Bridge Station down in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky when I received a phone call from my dad that started out, “Don’t rush home but I had to take your mom to the E.R. tonight.”  What?!?!?!  So I of course rush home the next morning.  What turned out to be bronchitis quickly turned to pneumonia and then almost 4 months of hospitalizations, cardiac rehab and back to the hospital and then back again to cardiac rehab.  My momma is doing fine now but it was a long road when she finally did make it home and then it was months of in home care.  I stayed with them to help out which was my pleasure for two reasons.  1.  I had foot surgery that February so they let me convalesce there and 2. They are my parents and there isn’t anything I would not do for them.

So my mom gets to a point where she is healing up pretty well so I decided to take a big ol’ trip out west for three weeks.  Upon return my dad, yet again the bearer of great news, tells me that he didn’t want to tell me while I was on the road but he has to have a heart catheterization literally the day after I get home.   Turns out my dad needed triple bypass surgery!  Duuuude…really?!?!?!  So he asks me to stay and I of course said yes because I am the only one out of their four children that sent my mom into labor, they wiped my butt, put up with my oh so pleasant teenage boy crazy attitude and I pretty much blew out the 4×4 on their Ford Bronco (the massive one where I could barely see over the dash board) because I was in a hurry.  I was sixteen years old, my boyfriend was coming home from college and I couldn’t wait to leave my lifeguard post for the day.  When I hopped in the Bronco at the end of my shift and threw it into drive I crashed because I didn’t see the cement light post (sans light post) in front of the hood I could barely see over.  Soooooo I figured I owed them ANOTHER round of daily in home care taking.

And for the record it was NOT just me taking care of my parents.  My siblings and I pulled together like soldiers to make sure that everything and I mean everything was taken care of.

My sister Lisa is an ICU nurse and kept everyone abreast of what was going on in calm yet “let’s cut out the bullshit” way of a nurse she is.  I am sure she is nicer at explaining things to her patients than she is to her family.  But she was literally the cats a$$ and that is why I made her my Healthcare POA.  Plus I know she wouldn’t pull the plug on me too early nor too late.  ;D

My sister Lana was the comic relief.  No one can do a slutty Russian accent better than her and she continuously boosted our spirits with her humor and need to keep the peace attitude.  Plus she is a pretty decent baker so that came in handy!

Our brother Donnie (the oldest) and most likely to have a plaque on his desk that says, “I’m kind of a big deal”, talked to every doctor, nurse, social worker and beyond.  He seems to have endless connections because, he was kind of a big deal, at a hospital where he once worked.  Although his three sisters do keep his ego in check. 🙂  So he made sure that our parents received the absolute best care where they were being treated.

Now we are back.  It is now mid January, my mom is doing better and my dad recovered in the utmost text book way.  Three cheers for them and their not wanting to kick the bucket before I get married!  No I am not getting married but hopefully I’ll meet the man of my dreams and they’ll be around hanging on beyond their time when I do get married!  Probably screaming Holy crap it’s about time!!!  Hahaha…

Along comes February and I am looking for a van. I will stay with my folks the few months it’ll take to build out and then be on my merry way!

Then COVID-19 strikes and sends everything into chaos.  Next thing I know I have to quarantine myself from my parents because I work in an ICU that was housing COVID patients.  Now the van is a distant memory for the foreseeable future.

This all leads me to where I am now, sitting in this rented Airbnb typing away trying to figure out what to do next while sweating my butt off.  :/

Do I buy a van and hope COVID doesn’t have a massive resurgence with everything reopening or get a nice place for a year to regroup, breathe, get in better shape, don’t be stressed and sleep like an effing rock!?

To be continued…


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




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