The Peace You Bring

Your waves today are low and swift yet gently wind blown.

Your water is turning a greenish blue-gray as it does every year about now.

The trees that secure the ridge that meet you at the shore are bare and exposed.

They are not lonely though.

The nests of year round residents of fluffy squirrels in their sturdy self built homes are made in the crooks of the trees out stretched arms.

They are kept safe by the strong old trees.

The ridge is kept safe by the strong old trees.

You water the trees with your very presence.

Such a tight knit ecosystem.

Everyone takes care of each other.

The sky is pale blue gray and is hanging low.

The seagulls fly against the wind.

The fish dance below your surface as the birds dance above.

On the grayest days that fill my head, when I come to you the sun shines through.



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