My small home gym part UNO :D

Good morning….LOL… I laugh because I am running on about 3.5 hours of sleep!  (Right now I’m listening to the Jay-Z Pandora radio station to keep me awake! HA!)

So I want to share a few FUN ways I exercise when I tire of my usual routine.  Have an arsenal at my disposal.

My small but FUN home gym!
My small but FUN home gym!

It is a small home gym but there is a TON packed into that small space!  From left to right, my bouldering pad, backpack, yoga mat and block, hand weights,  climbing shoes and harness, skateboard (Sector 9 longboard) and last but not least the most versatile piece of equipment on the planet…my treadmill!

You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to be active.  Oh wait I forgot my FAVORITE exercise piece….

my running shoes..
my running shoes..

Running is my first love.  More than anything or anyone, when I am having a good day, bad day or whatever kind of day, my running shoes are there for me.  They are without a doubt my go to stress reliever, happy place and my gap!  I have been running since my parents put me, my brother and older sister in cross country in elementary school.  I don’t run for time really any more and I don’t have a desire to run a marathon.  I don’t need a 26.2 sticker on my car.  I run because that is who I am.  Running is where I go to recenter myself and clear out my thoughts.  I get high.. every single time!

Ok ok ok….back to the rest of the small home gym equipment.  My bouldering pad, a.k.a. crash pad.  I climb big rocks or boulders outside.  Bouldering is when you climb short but good size boulders without being harnessed in.  Without a rope.  There is a great park on the westside of Cleveland and I like to get there early in the morning before the neighborhood wakes up.  😀

I’m sure most of you have climbed trees as a kid!  Well now I climb rocks and trees!  Hahaha!  But seriously bouldering is great because you can do it solo.  I would always recommend going with a friend because if something happens there is someone to call for help!  Buddy system…(most of the time I go alone but I ALWAYS let someone know where I am!)  All you need to get started is a chalk bag, for when you hands get sweaty, and a crash pad for when you can quite make that next hold… 😉  The other great thing about bouldering is that you don’t have to be a “climber.”  Anyone can do it!  You may not do it well at first and your hands and most likely your legs WILL get scraped up!  But you just climb as far as you can until you build up the strength and confidence to climb a little higher each time.  Also if you have a fear of heights then this is perfect if you don’t want to be on the big walls because you will really never be that high up to the point where you couldn’t jump down!

Holy guacamole look at the time!   I have to jet for now but I will be back to chat about the rest of my small home gym!

I hope you guys all have an amazing morning….AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!

Until  a little bit later…


“Give what you have, to someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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