Sweet and funny old guys and my small home gym part DUE (that’s 2 in italian)

So I am sitting here in my local McDonald’s…(they have great coffee, I don’t eat the food…sorry) and there are a bunch of old timers here drinking coffee, reading the newspaper and shooting the breeze.  They are talking about going hunting this weekend and one man says to another, “What are you hunting this weekend?”  The other man replies, “Women!”  I laughed so hard that they looked over at me and apologized.  I said to them,” This is what I love about people.  The candid and funny conversations you overhear!”  Then a different guy asked what “spooning” was.  He thought it was some kind of new drug people were doing.  A guy in the little gang looked up and said, “Are you serious?  It’s when you lay on your side in a ‘c-shape’ and spoon your partner.”  Hahahahaha!!!!  They are the sweetest guys… and they were kind and sweet enough to let me take their picture 😀

Fun, sweet old timers :)
Fun, sweet old timers 🙂

Back to the home gym part due (pronounced “dew-eh”.)  I am one of those people who LOVE the benefits of yoga.  I love feeling peaceful, strong and quite frankly my darn spine feels aligned!  BUT….. it’s getting me to yoga that is the problem.  When I lived in Venice, CA I would hop on my beach cruiser with my yoga mat in my basket and peddle down to YogaWorks on Main St.  It was easier for me then for a few reasons.

  1. Yoga studios are EVERYWHERE in L.A.
  2. Since there are so many studios, the prices are competitive which means cheap!
  3. You could go to a class any time of day!  Even at midnight!   So the accessibility was amazing!

(I once did yoga on a rooftop in Venice on the beach at night and it was my favorite experience with yoga!)

I have always been a “sweaty workout” kind of person.  Holding positions and trying to breathe at the same time doesn’t come naturally to me.  I can run for an hour straight at a good pace just breathing in and out through my nose!  Not so much doing yoga 😦  So, I decided to take what I  learned from the various yogis in L.A. and do some yoga at home.  I love it!!  And with YouTube, you have a yoga class at your beck and call!  I even do yoga at work.  I am on my feet 12 hours a day and about 8 hours into my shift I go find a place where I can lay down a blanket, close the door and do a few quick yoga poses.  OH MY STARS I can’t tell you how much that rejuvenated not only my muscles but my mind as well!  It is a “little reset” button that gets me through the rest of my shift.  I haven’t been able to convince my co-workers to join me yet but I’m wearing them down!

My "yoga studio" at work!  Lol....
My “yoga studio” at work! Lol….

Once in a blue moon I will go to a yoga class to make sure my positioning is correct and to see what is new and then go home and incorporate what I have learned.  The equipment I have…

  1. Yoga mat (the sticky kind)
  2. Yoga block (for positions that I am not quite flexible enough for yet)
  3. Yoga strap.  Dude… you can totally use a belt or a scarf.

It is that simple and totally cheap!  And when you are at home you don’t have to worry about a possible wardrobe malfunction.  You’re in the privacy of your own home. Normally I am in my lounge wear.  I don’t buy into fancy yoga clothing or fancy workout clothing.  I do have a few pieces of performance athletic wear, but I just wear what I have and save a TON of $$$$$ as a result!  K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid.

So you don’t have to spend a bunch of money… sure some exercise equipment is an investment but over time it all pays itself off.

Hope you have an amazing Thursday!  My good friend Shannon is in town from Oregon and I am so excited to spend time with her!!!

Part tre to come….


“Give what you have, to someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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