Walla Walla, Thanksgiving and Buffalo, NY!

Hello Everyone!!!

I am SOOOOO excited for this ENTIRE week and weekend full of F.U.N.!!!!

Lets head back to Sunday morning… I awoke at my brother and sister-in-law’s house, after a night of playing darts and Five Crowns, to my crazy nieces and nephew and some serious little kid morning breath as they gave me hugs and kisses in the morning.  Hahaha…I still love the little dudes.  I was scheduled to lead a cardio session on Sunday morning with another group of backpackers!  I LOVE The Hopeless Wanderers! Rant: Being around like minded people that totally get why you’d want to winter camp in freezing temperatures is quite awesome. 😀

I was getting ready to head out the door when my big brother Donnie said he was joining me on my Walla Walla Wing Ding Workout (yes, that is the silly fun name for it.)  So with no coffee to be made we piled in my car…first stop: COFFEE…Mmmmm.  Next we headed to the park so I could map out exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to do it. I know this park like the back of my hand but always like to be extra prepared when I am actually in charge of something. Lol..  I was trying to convince him to drink some water and do a little stretching before hand but he was all, “No no no… I don’t drink water when I work out.”  He has so much to learn from his little sister!

When everyone arrived we headed to the infamous set of stairs behind the nature center to do 5 climbs (134 stairs up, 134 stairs down) as a warm up.  We then headed over to the outdoor amphitheater.  Here the park as several backless benches that were perfect to do planks, push ups and tri dips.  Performing planks on a partially ice covered bench was a bit tricky but also took it up a notch for the ol’ core!

The guys doing lunges and Shelly being camera shy!
The guys doing lunges and Shelly being camera shy!

Next up were lunges…oh how I love lunges. LOL!  But I really do love lunges!  We did 4 sets of 12 walking lunges and 4 sets of squat kicks.  Let’s just say that that was on Sunday, today is Tuesday, and I am still having trouble sitting down unassisted!  BUT in my defense I did just of come off of the injured list after being on it for two weeks!  A couple of people messaged me on Monday saying that they couldn’t walk.  I said, “That’s the point!”  There was a reason it was called Walla Walla Wing Ding Workout Part 2: Feel the Burn!  Next those of us who could, jogged to the trail head of super short but steep hill.  I waited for those who didn’t jog and we all hiked up the hill and went for a short hike on the rim of the cliff overlooking the valley.  It was a beautiful day and my phone camera didn’t do the view justice!  😦

View of ice covered Rocky River :)  Kind of...haha
View of ice covered Rocky River 🙂 Kind of…haha

After the mini hike we all headed over to one of my favorite cafes.

Post hike fire-side coffee chat :D
Post hike fire-side coffee chat 😀

I love coming here post hike because 1. it’s local and 2. a fireplace!

I almost refuse to go to a cafe that doesn’t have a fireplace.  Being that close to Lake Erie and getting smacked in the face with the wind that whips off the lake?!  Ya need a cafe with a FIREPLACE!!!

Speaking of being all warm and cozy!  I am heading to my folks house the morning of Thanksgiving.

That would be me!  hahaha!
That would be me! hahaha!

I have to work at 3pm that day so I am going to get my vegetarian Thanksgiving coma on early!   After that, black Friday (which I do not participate in because I have a will to live!) and then comes Saturday!!!!  Me and five friends are heading to Buffalo, NY, yes the same Buffalo, NY that was buried under 7 feet of snow, to go to the Browns vs. Bills game!  I figured we could either sled to the stadium or kayak if the all the melting snow caused flooding.  Either way I’m cool!  I am so totally excited as I have not been to a NFL game since the 1980’s when the Cleveland Browns were on strike.  But I never will forget the wonderful time I had with my dad watching the replacement players in the old Municipal Stadium. That was back in the day when the football and baseball games were held in the same stadium.  I can still remember seeing the outlines of the baseball diamond on the football field.  I love you Dad!!!!

I am excited for this little mini get away with friends.  Hopefully the game will still be on.  They had to reschedule last weeks game and it ended up being held in Detroit.  Any way it plays out, it will be an ADVENTURE and adventure is my middle name!

Photo from: ttareq10.typepad.com
Photo from: ttareq10.typepad.com

So in conclusion…oh wait!  My brother DONNIE kept saying how he hasn’t been mentioned in my blog yet.  So I thought I would take this time to mention my brother DONNIE.  DONNIE is a great big brother to me and my two sisters!  He is also an amazing son, husband and father (and a bit of a dork sometimes 😉     So without further adieu… Heeeeerrrrrre’sssss Donnie!

My big brother Donnie...lol.
My big brother Donnie…lol.

Ta Daaaaa!


“Give what you have, to someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Questions:  What are your run plans for this Thanksgiving? and How do you combat the holiday 5-10lbs?

Feel free to chat :)

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