Being happy and not having it all together

Here is the deal.  No one and I mean no one is happy 100% of the time and no one has it totally and completely all together.  If they say they do they are probably fooling themselves in one or more aspect of their lives.  IF we have it all together then that means that we have stopped growing, searching and learning.  That we have become content and complacent in who we are and what we do.  I write this blog because it is a creative outlet for me as well as  journal, therapy session and reflection pool.  It is true that I am a naturally happy person but I have my struggles just like the person sitting next to me.  Someone recently said to me, “You seem like you have it all together.”  I immediately told them I do not.  However, I do try to focus on what I do have together.  I always try to focus on what I am grateful for, what I work hard for and what I can do to help people.   There are certain areas in my life that could use some help and some guidance.  Those areas have always been a struggle for me.  BUT the great thing is, is that we can lean on each other.  We don’t have to go through life’s tough questions, moments or feelings alone.   Chances are someone you know very well or very little may be going through the same thing and asking themselves the same questions you are asking yourself.

An old friend (from a billion years ago) and I started talking recently.  Out of the blue we struck up a conversation via Facebook and he reached out to me in part because of my writings in this blog.  We have had a few brief but really cool in-depth conversations about spirituality and happiness.  I am really looking forward to conversing again with him soon.  I am so glad that this blog has started a dialog between us!  The same questions that I ask myself are the same questions people are asking themselves and it is a really awesome thing that we can chat about all of it.  The most important thing is that no one is diagnosing, judging or has any ulterior motive.

I have found that sometimes it is easier to talk to someone other than our significant others or family members about what it is we are going through.   Sometimes it gives you a different perspective on your situation or gives you insight on how to approach your significant other about the thoughts and feelings you are having.  Conversing with a member of the opposite sex outside your relationship doesn’t always mean that you are looking for something that you are lacking in your relationship.  Sometimes it means that you are looking for someone to connect with (male or female… who cares?!) that may help you reconnect with your significant other.  It helps you see the light.

What I am saying is that there are so many outlets in this world that we can reach out to.  Nature is a HUGE one for me.  My dad always said to me growing up, “Lori, don’t ever forget that we are a part of nature too.”  Reaching out to other human beings, even though you may not have talked to them in quite some time, could be just the thing you need.

A while ago when I was going through a tough time I reached out to a person from high school via Facebook.  I asked her questions (about questions that I was trying to figure out) based on her Facebook posts about God and divinity.  She was so very nice and helpful!  Yeah, it was a little strange to be reaching out to someone that I haven’t spoken with in 20 years but that is a great thing about social media, you can put yourself and thoughts out there and you may just very well be of help to someone else.  (I will not get into the negatives about social media right now…hahaha.)

This whole post takes me back to the previous one about sharing stories.  The art of conversation.  Intimacy in conversation, romantic or platonic,  has the capability of being salutiferous.

Peace, love and lots of reaching out,

“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”  (Maybe he was talking about having a conversation!)

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Feel free to chat :)

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