Shipmates or two ships in passing?

This is about that  best friend, that shipmate you’d love to sail through life with.  That best friend that you know would love, support, listen, give, laugh, encourage, help, understand, have your back, put you in your place when needed, give you space when needed, hold you close when you think you want space but they know better, cup your face in their hands and reassure you that they are there and they are listening when you are crying your eyes over a past experience that you just shared with them, meditate with you then make love…that friend that you can talk things out with no matter the situation because the sum of the us is greater than the issue at hand.  And you would be all the same to him in return because you both know it isn’t always going to be 50/50, at some point someone will be bearing more of the weight.

Neither of you are blissfully ignorant.  You realize that a relationship is not always so peace, love and bubbles.  You both know there are going to be moments when you want to to shove the other one off a cliff but it is a fleeting thought because at the end of the day you want them next to you even when you are at odds with each other.


How do you weather the storm with them when it is raging inside of them?  Do they even want you on their ship?

Life isn’t black or white.  After all, storm clouds and fog are gray, right?

To be continued…


“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow





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