Going off the radar for the day…

Good Day, शुभ प्रभातम् (Sanskrit) Aaaahhhhh…..

This morning I feel as if I have a million topics running through my mind!  First, lets start off with the atmosphere of the local coffee shop here in town.  Love the decor and the vibe, the coffee is nothing special but I didn’t feel like writing from home and the other coffee place in town (McDonald’s) is way too cold on the inside.  The great thing about The Slow Train Cafe is that is has a BIG COMFY COUCH.  I decided to be the first one in today so I could call dibs on it! 😉  I woke up this morning feeling a little too preoccupied and a little too uncertain.  About what?  Everyday things I guess.  So when that happens I know it is time to put my phone on Do Not Disturb and hone in on my needs and not really worry about anyone else today.

I have been juggling too many people, places and things lately.  This combined with a set back due to a wretched sprained ankle has put me in a “what the heck is going on” place.  So I am going for ZEN today.

I took this pic at Joshua Tree in California.  This is what transpired when I developed the film.  (Yes...film..lol)
I took this pic at Joshua Tree National Park in California. This is what transpired when I had the film developed. (Yes…film..lol)

The above picture always brings me back to center.  I close my eyes and remember hiking that day with friends.  We camped there a couple of nights and it was breathtaking!  Joshua Tree is a really magical and mysterious place to me. Actually, I feel that way about most of the desert places I visited here in the U.S.  The Painted Desert in Arizona is by far my favorite desert.  That place is …. I can’t even think of how to explain it.  GO VISIT!!!

This morning my friend Patty is coming over and after that I am going to get some things in order and then dedicate the rest of my day to myself.  Meditation, yoga and quiet.  (Until I go to work at 3..maybe…)  Even if you have a million things going on today, make room for 10 minutes just for you.  Lock the door and give yourself 10 minutes of quiet.  When I am at work I often have lunch in my car (not now because it is so darn cold) just so I can get away from work and have peace and quiet. When it cold outside, like it is now, I go down to the meditation room/chapel because I KNOW it will be quiet in there! Pandora has a great station called Calm Meditation Radio.  Love it… sometimes I just want music without words…

This post is short and sweet…

Be good to yourself, take time for yourself and love yourself…Go get “lost” somewhere that brings you peace…

Go get "lost" in the woods...
Go get “lost” in the woods…


“Give what you have, to someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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